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Introducing Your Online Family Portal - Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 by Paula Augustine | Parent Ideas

Your online portal for the studio has many features you can choose to use. This is a list with links to cheat sheets with visual step by step instructions.

Lesson Registration/Cancellation

  • If you need to cancel a lesson you can do this online in the calendar - Here's how
  • You can also register for open lesson slots or workshops - Here's how

Online Payments/Adding a Payment Method

Online Lessons

Options for Student 

Students can also log into the portal gaining student access. Simply provide me with an email address for logging in. They will not be able to gain access to the payment area or invoices and they will only see their information and not a sibling's info, but they can get on their zoom lesson or any of the following:

Using the Portal on your phone or tablet