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Your student portal on the website

Monday, March 30, 2020 by Paula Augustine | MMS Instructions

Since online lessons are becoming a necessity this spring I would like to take a minute to share more about the student log in portal.

If your student does not have a log in yet to their student portal and you would like to add this feature contact me and we will get this set up.

Each parent and student can log into the My Music Staff. In order to create a student log in I need a separate email address to use for their log in credentials. Parents can see everything the students have recorded and all lesson notes on the parent portal. A parent portal is very useful for those who have more than one student. Parents can see all their students' information with one log in. Parents can also pay through the portal and keep this information separate from the student. 

A student can access their schedule, student news, lesson notes, and any resources I provide such as sheet music, videos, and audio files. Students can log into their portal through any device.

For online lessons I will be posting lesson notes directly in the student and parents portals. When students are ready to practice they can log into their portal for their lesson notes. 

Students are also able to record the amount of time they practiced in their portal. This is a question I ask at some lessons, many times they do not really remember and have to think. If they record their times practiced I can see right away in the students' lesson the time they recorded during the week.

For older students taking notes about their practice time, or journal, can be a very effective learning device. These notes can also be emailed to me during the week. If a student has a question they think of while they are practicing and they do not want to forget to ask at the next lesson then simply click on email my teacher box and I will get an email.

Sometimes, the easiest way to give feedback about a student’s practice is to watch what they’re doing. Students can record a video directly on their device, they can then save the video on their choice of cloud storage and include the Google Photos, iCloud, youtube, vimeo, etc link in their Practice Log notes. I can read what they’ve written and open the video link all from one place.