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Lessons in the Covid pandemic times

Thursday, July 30, 2020 by Paula Augustine | Uncategorized

            Fall Lessons are Set Up and Here is How  We  will continue:

Elizabethton City schools has come out with their Covid school re-entry for this fall. I have reviewed it and am now ready to tackle a plan for lessons this fall. Basically they have three levels of school day activity - green, yellow and red -  based on the last 14 days of new covid cases per 100,000 residents in Carter County. When in red level schools will close. Yellow more precautions are taken.        

                       School openings and closures may happen throughout the fall with this system. I have decided not to follow any school closures due to covid. This will help us stay on track and your students stay focused this semester on piano study.        

                       I love teaching in person, but if it is safer to meet online I have found it is much better to have the online connection with students rather than skipping lessons. Zoom has worked OK.                               

                       Here is the plan for fall lessons:        

  • I have scheduled all weekly lessons as in person unless you have registered for regular fall online zoom lessons.
  • Lesson times are spaced between families and hydrogen peroxide is used on the keys and let it dry - suggested by Steinway company for disinfecting. Flute and clarinet are not taught at the piano and are spaced away from that area.
  • If at any reason your child or your family suspect exposure or are actively coughing/sneezing please let me know and we will switch the lesson to online for that week. This is very easy to do and has worked well to simply switch it on. 
  • I have set up my teacher station off the stage area this summer and am able to distance for most of the lesson, but I do walk up to show and demonstrate when needed. I will put on my mask when I do this. Since it is difficult to hear through masks I tend to prefer not to wear one so students can hear me talk better. I am very glad the room we use is so large.
  • RED status. At times the cases in Carter County reach the RED status level, I will wear a mask the entire lesson. I would ask students and parents to wear masks as well, if we reach RED status the schools close. We can also have online lessons if wearing a mask is difficult. 
  • I enjoy having the parents in the lessons and seeing how teaching is done, but I know that it may be better if there are less people in the area. I am not making any calls on this, but maybe plan on  not attending if we are in the RED status

           The fall semester is on your portal, go to the calendar area. Important items to note:    

  1. Lessons will not start until the week of August 17th
  2. We will take fall break off in October following the Elizabethton City Schools. If they cancel fall break for some reason I can be flexible in offering lessons and ending earlier in the semester.
  3. Lessons will run through the week of December 17th  
  4. I have moved the fall make-up week to January. This gives us all some flexibility and spacing activities away from the holidays.