Connecting Through Music

Music can Connect in so many ways!

Connections within the student - Much research has been done showing the impact of studying a musical instrument and the increase in brain connections. Music is a complex experience. It stimulates the visual, auditory, tactile as well as fine motor skills and memory. Music is powerful because it connects emotions with learning. Scientists can look at a brain and see a difference in those people who play an instrument.

Connections within the studio - Students have opportunities to participate with others in a variety of ways. Duet playing is encouraged with students who are a similar level or students who enroll in Buddy Lessons. Group music sessions are offered each semester where we learn, play games, get to know each other and develop friendships. Group workshops are offered occasionally during the summer months. 

Connections with others - Why would we practice for hours a week and keep all this to ourselves? Engaging in Community Concerts is a simple way we can connect with others. We are active in sharing our music at assisted living homes and community events. Students also have the opportunity to perform in a recital each year for their friends and family.