Parents, want to order books or supplies for your students? The following links will take you to lists of books and supplies for the level your student is currently playing. Each level is divided up into the essential books needed for lessons and the extra books that your student may want. These links will take you to lists on the Sheet Music Plus website. You can choose to order directly from this supplier or search for these items from another supplier or even find the books used to purchase.

Piano Students Materials

Student Level
Essential Books
Extra Books
Other Supplies
Faber Series Essentials Pre
Extra Music Books Pre

Primary A
Faber Series Essentials PA
Extra Music Books PA

Primary B
Faber Series Essentials PB
Extra Music Books PB

Elementary A
Faber Series Essentials EA
Extra Music Books EA

Elementary B
Faber Series Essentials EB
Extra Music Books EB

Late Elementary
Faber Series Essentials LE
Extra Music Books LE

Early Intermediate
Faber Series Essentials EI
Extra Music Books EI