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Retro Music Education: Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody no.2

Monday, March 4, 2019 by Paula Augustine | Uncategorized

Just for fun, music education! This is a great video of Bugs Bunny and the pianist Giuseppe Andaloro playing Franz Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2. 

Franz List (B. October 22, 1811- D. July 31, 1886) is well known for is difficult piano music. He was a great pianist and wrote 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies total. The No. 2 is most well known.

A rhapsody is a free-form piece that takes different tunes and strings them together. No. 2 has two sections – the Lassan (Hungarian for slowly), the slow section of the csárdás, a Hungarian folk dance; and the Friska (from the Hungarian friss for fresh), the fast section of the csárdás. When you listen to the Hungarian Rhapsody #2 can you hear the formal, stately tone in the Lassan and the turbulent, jubilant tone in the Friska?