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Retro Music Education: Rimsky- Korsakov Flight of the Bumblebee

Monday, April 29, 2019 by Paula Augustine | Uncategorized

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (B. March 18, 1844-D. June 21, 1908) wrote Flight of the Bumblebee as part of the opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan. In the story a magic swan turns the prince into a bumblebee so the prince can visit Tsar Saltan without being seen. 

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov was very good at using the instruments of the orchestra to create pictures and stories. In “Flight of the Bumblebee” he used the string family to create a musical “bumblebee.” But, this is no ordinary insect—this bee is really a prince!  As you listen to the music, can you imagine a bumblebee buzzing around the Tsar and then quickly flying away so it doesn’t get caught?

The amazing tongue

Sunday, April 28, 2019 by Paula Augustine | Uncategorized

This video is more for the flute and clarinet students I teach, but any student may find it interesting. The tongue is so much more than a big blob in our mouth that feels like it can get in the way sometimes. A horn player went into an MRI machine and they recorded the action of the tongue. You can even see double tonguing. The last section shows the long cavity and the ribs and how she supports. 

2019 Summer Music Workshops, Camps and Festivals

Friday, April 5, 2019 by Paula Augustine | Summer Music Study

I do offer lessons during the summer months on a different schedule. But, some students may be at a point where they would highly benefit from an outside experience. There are many summer music workshops, camps, and festivals in the region. We are very blessed to have so many opportunities so very close.

Spending a week on the college campus can give the student a much better view of what the college or university is like - rather than just visiting for an afternoon. Attending a college summer camp will also give the student a great introduction to the professors and they would have made some excellent connections. Finally, Summer camps also help build your student's portfolio or resume for college entrance and scholarship opportunities.  

Summer experiences in music can range from a short 3-4 day weekend to a full 5 week intensive experience. I am highlighting here a few for parents to look at. You can begin to get a good idea of what is available, costs involved, and when they area generally offered. These camps are generally offered year after year and are well established. Not all camps accept the same age groups, so I have listed the camps in order of the youngest age group they accept.

The camps I have listed are for the average student who enjoys music. There are other music intensive 5 week festivals which are for the more serious student.

Starting with Junior High age and up:

Carson Newman: One week Summer camp for 5th grade and up - Piano, band, and orchestra

Furman University Band and Orchestra Camp for ages 12-19 (must have at least two years of study.)

Furman University Summer Keyboard institute - ages 12-19 (Must be at least Intermediate Level of Study)

Starting with the older High School Students:

Tennessee Tech: 3 day Festival for Later Intermediate and Advanced students for all instrumentalists:

Bob Jones University: One week camp with multiple track options for all instrumentalists:

Lee University: Week long camp for Later Intermediate and Advanced students, especially piano and vocal:

Tennessee Governor's School for the Arts: 5 week summer intensive for students entering Sophomore or Junior year, all instrumentalists:

Tennessee has many governor's schools in various disciplines: