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Grit Series - The Yeti

Thursday, January 20, 2022 by Paula Augustine | Uncategorized

The Yeti

Welcome to the next Grit and Growth Mindset area we will be focusing in the studio. In the Yeti Yetters we are understanding the power of the word "yet".

A conversation in a lesson may go a little like this:

Teacher: "How did 'The Castle' go this week?"

Student: "I can't play it!"

I hear quite often students saying they cannot play something. They know they can't because when they try to play the sound is not correct. This is a true statement. Many times we encourage by saying, "Yes, you can!" and we try to be positive.

The student doesn't believe the positive statement, they know the honest truth. The secret is to add the word yet to a negative statement. "I can't play it, yet." 

This one magic word can single-handedly reframe things students perceive as failures, helping them put mistakes and challenges in the right perspective. 

We will be practicing adding the word yet to negative statements in the studio over the next month.