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New Section to the Website

Friday, March 1, 2019 by Paula Augustine | Uncategorized

Sometimes I know parents want to order a new piano book and do not know where to start! Some parents have suggested they can just order the next level piano books if I let them know what to order. Now, I have a new way for everyone to know exactly which books would be good for your student's current ability level.

There is a new menu tab on the website called Supplies. Now anyone can order your child's next set of piano books, or even order those extra books of fun songs, or hymns and praise songs, and more. You could even go to the list and find the next set of books used, or a better deal somewhere else. Sometimes Amazon is cheaper, but not always. 

Also, grandparents or special friends or you may want to get extra fun books as a gift or stocking-stuffer. Just send them the link to the webpage and let them know the level or send them the link to the list page. At the moment I only have the Piano supplies information and will be adding flute and clarinet as well as updating each level as needed.

Here is how it works:

  • Every student is in a 'level' with my studio based on what piano book level they are using. You can find this out by asking me, next year the levels will be more apparent.
  • Go to the Supplies Page and click on the appropriate list from the table. Essentials are what is needed for lessons, Extras are the fun books.
  • The link will take you to a list page I have created with the company Sheet Music Plus
  • You can choose to either order items directly from Sheet Music Plus or search elsewhere for the books. You will have the name and author to search anywhere else.

More books and sections will be coming to these lists. I will be including more fun books, movie themes, Disney, etc. I have only just begun! I really do try and select only items that are not too expensive in comparison to what the book actually includes. Sheet Music Plus also offers specials throughout the year and if you should choose to join their mailing list you can be more selective in when you order, when a good special arrives.